A Study Into the Buildup of Fluff in My Belly Button

A Study Into the Buildup of Fluff in My Belly Button

In a recent paper in Journal of Management Education, Jon Billsberry starts by writing;

Clothing businesses have given considerable attention to the way in which clothes “feel” on the body (Sun, Fan, Wu, Wu, & Wan, 2013). They invest hugely into developing fabrics that are cheap yet still provide a high-quality finish that will give consumers a sense of pride in wearing the garment (Farzandi, Razipour, Mousazadegan, & Saharkhiz, 2013). Such an approach is undermined when the fabric frays, is too abrasive, or molts. A key indicator of clothing molting is the buildup of lint in wearers’ navels (Steinhauser, 2009). Accordingly, the phenomenon of the buildup of navel lint is attracting increasing levels of research and an understanding of the factors influencing its sedimentation is emerging.

A review of the material engineering, clothing and fabric sciences, human biology, and nanofiber literatures reveals that there are two gaps in our knowledge. First, no one has…

Despite what you might think, this is neither a paper about the clothing business nor nanofiber but rather a protest against the way empirical studies often are justified. Personally, I found the paper to be both amusing and thought provoking – I hope you agree.

The full paper can be downloaded from the Journal of Management Education website.