Debating the Future of Management Research

Debating the Future of Management Research

What is the future of Management Research? Well, that is definitely not an easy question to answer. In the paper for next week, four leading scholars debate and provide deep insight into the mentioned issue…. the results, well you will have to read the paper to find out.

The paper is published in Journal of Management Studies and written by Julian Birkinshaw, Mark P. Healey, Roy Suddaby and Klaus Weber.


The Editors of JMS invited four leading scholars in research on management and organizations to have an open discussion on the current state and future prospects of management research. Our four contributors discuss, among other things, the growing influence of economics, psychology, and sociology on current management research, and the danger of an increasingly fetishistic and formulaic approach to management research that they believe may lead to stale and narrow contributions. Such an approach carries a risk in the long run of seriously dampening the intellectual vigour and impact of management research. Our contributors conclude their discussion with a number of recommendations for management researchers. These recommendations include asking bigger, better, and more challenging questions compared to the orthodoxy in our management research and engaging in modes of research that are not only intellectually challenging but that also have the potential of making a real impact on management practice.

Keywords: management practice, management research, methods, theory

The full paper can be downloaded here.