Writing A Good Read

Writing A Good Read

Continuing on the path that we started on last week, we will for the 6th of May continue the discussion addressing the question of “how to present such qualitative data?”. This time we will  have both a paper by Professor Margarete Sandelowski, and a short presentation by Ulrica Nylen. The presentation will be based on the book, written by Ulrica, called “To present qualitative data” [Att presentera kvalitativa data]. The paper by Prof. Sandelowski is called “Writing A Good Read: Strategies for Re-Presenting Qualitative Data” and it is published in Research in Nursing & Health. The full paper can be download from here.

Hopefully, the paper and the presentation together, will open up for an interesting discussion.

Paper abstract

One key element in the successful dissemination and utilization of qualitative findings is the well-written research report. In contrast to quantitative research, there is no one style for reporting the findings from qualitative research. Qualitative researchers must select from an ar- ray of representational styles and formats those that best fit their research purposes, methods, and data. Qualitative researchers must attend to the balance among description, analysis, and interpretation, choose whether to emphasize character, setting, or plot, determine whose perspectives or voices will prevail, and treat metaphors seriously. Strategies for re-presenting qual-itative data include using time, theme, sensitizing concepts, and coding families.

Sandelowski, M. (1998), “Writing a good read: Strategies for re-presenting qualitative data”, Research in Nursing & Health, Vol. 21, No. 4, pp. 375-382.