On the dark side of science

Everything has a dark side, and academia is no exception. Either we can hide our flaws, or embrace them. Once or twice a semester, we are choosing the later, when we – accompanied with good food and drinks – explore the Dark Side of Science. We meet in a local wine cellar and delve into the dubious, provocative, but very important things, that are rarely discussed. At every session we invite a guest-speaker who presents a (un)appropriate theme. Some of our previous themes and guests have been:

Lecturing, what is it good for? Arguing on the pointlessness of lecturing and teaching. Starring: Professor Stewart Clegg, Research Director, CMOS Centre for Management and Organisation Studies, UTS Business School, Sydney, Australia.

The Editor’s point of view: Secret tricks on how to get published. Starring: Professor Derek Walker, Editor for International Journal of Manageing Projects in Business, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

A pact with the devil or merely prostitution: On the benefits, experiences, and potential ethical problems of industry embedded research. Starring: Professor Markus Lindahl, Head of Division of Industrial Engineering and Management, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Other guests have been Devi Gnyawali, Alf Rehn, Anders Söderholm, Barbara Czarniawska, Paavo Ritala, Samantha Warren and Mats Alvesson.

Are you interested in becoming a ‘dark-sider’, please send us an email at 0823@mail.com